Dashboard's a Funny Name (Instrumental Panel Warning Lights)

December 6, 2020

Every day you drive, you're sitting behind the dashboard. But how in the world did it get that name? Back in the days of the horse-drawn carriage, horses would kick up dirt and mud on the driver and passengers, "dashing" debris against the carriage. So those who built carriages began installing a... More

Don't Be Shocked (Shock Absorbers)

November 29, 2020

If you've ever ridden down a rough road on your bicycle, you know how hard a ride it can be. Yet drive down the same road in your car, truck or SUV and it miraculously will smooth out the ride. That's because it is equipped with shock absorbers. They are built to dampen impacts from road irreg... More

Conventional or Synthetic? (Switching to Synthetic Oil)

November 22, 2020

If you keep up on technology trends, then you may be intrigued about synthetic motor oil. It was introduced in the 1960s when Mobil came up with it. Mobil's oil was different from conventional motor oil because it was first broken down to its basic molecules. Then, Mobil removed additional imp... More

Commitment to Make Your vehicle Last at Tuffy Charlotte Metro

November 15, 2020

These days many people in the Fort Mill area are really committed to making their cars last a long time. First thing: you've got to start with what you've got. It'd be ideal if people started with a brand new car, never missed a scheduled service item, paid attention to the severe service mainte... More

How to Radiate Cool (Radiator Care)

November 8, 2020

There's nothing that radiates cool like a vehicle radiator that's helping to keep your engine running at the proper temperature. You don't have to baby it, but you can't simply ignore it, either. Let's take a quick dive under the hood to let you know what the radiator is doing. It takes the he... More

The Tuffy Charlotte Metro Guide to Caring for Your Transmission

November 1, 2020

Most vehicles have automatic transmissions, yet a lot of Fort Mill drivers only have a fuzzy understanding about what a transmission does. Think back to the last time you rode a bike in Fort Mill. You started out in a lower gear and shifted to higher gears as you went faster. Down shift for hill... More

Differential Service at Tuffy Charlotte Metro

October 25, 2020

Here at AutoNetTV, we have national viewers, like your neighbors in Fort Mill, who write to us with questions or feedback. One common question we're asked is: "What is a differential and what does it do?" You may have been told by your Tuffy Charlotte Metro service advisor that your differential... More

Water Everywhere (Clogged Drains)

October 18, 2020

It's bad enough when you mistakenly leave a window open in your vehicle on a rainy day and you find your carpet soaked. But what in the world is going on when your windows are closed tight, not leaking and you STILL wind up with wet carpet? The answer could be something you might not even know y... More

Brake Service at Tuffy Charlotte Metro in Fort Mill

October 11, 2020

Brakes really aren't optional equipment for Fort Mill drivers' vehicles. And taking care of them isn't optional either.A regular brake inspection is on every SC driver's vehicle maintenance schedule. At Tuffy Charlotte Metro, our team will check your brake system and let you know if there are an... More

How Far We've Come (Newer Vehicle Technology)

October 4, 2020

Automotive design has come a long way since the days of the Model T, especially when it comes to safety technology. You can thank computers for a lot of the latest innovations. Here are a few that have been making their mark in recent years. Adaptive cruise control. This is cruise control with... More